Refund Policy

No Refunds are available under any circumstances.  If you are unsure if this service is for you, contact me before you buy to discuss.

If it is unclear to you why no refunds can be made, this is why:

You are purchasing consultancy / mentoring services.  Essentially you are hiring me to spend my time with you on helping you with your business.  I will provide you with the best support possible.  I will typically provide you with strategy, resources, technical know-how, specific guidance, ideas and contacts.  If I spend time with you to help you, you need to pay me.  You cannot give me time back, so I cannot give you your money back.

So once again, if you are in any way unsure if this service is for you, please contact me BEFORE ordering to discuss if this service is suitable for you.  If I can help you at all or guide you in any way I will do so.

You can contact me on skype matthew.barnett or by email